Dyscovering Family Tree By Using DNA Test

Geneology which is also termed as ‘Family history’ is a study of discovering the ancestral root of a person. The term ‘Geneology’ was derived from Greek words ‘race’ and ‘science’. Nowadays; there are numerous brand new DNA tests available for carving out an individual’s family tree. They are currently one of the most popular tools used in the field of Geneology for tracing the family tree. DNA test enables the Genealogists to build a list of ancestors which traces back to more than thousands of years by conducting experiments, referring historical records and performing genetic analysis.
They also gather information about the ancestors of a family to create a pedigree chart. The results obtained are showcased either as charts or in hand-written format. One of the major purposes of carving out the list of ancestors through DNA tests is to preserve and maintain the past to new generations. Now let us discuss on how to use DNA test to discovering a person’s ancestral origin.

1. Y-Chromosome DNA tests:-

This DNA test which is exclusively meant for men is used to locate paternal ancestry. It is usually conducted on STR markers present in the Y-Chromosomes. The patrilineal surname automatically passes from the father to the son. The results thus obtained allow us to determine the ‘haplotype’ which is a type of genetic code. The ‘haplotype’ will be exactly the same of your paternal ancestry including grand-father and great-grand father. It is an effective test to confirm and verify the relationship with your father.

2. Mitochondrial DNA Tests:-

It is a type of DNA test which is used to trace both paternal as well as maternal ancestry. The mitochondrial DNA which is passed down from mother to her children (including male and female) remains unchanged. As a result, this test can be performed on men and women.

3. Autosomal DNA Tests:-

It is a common term used in the field of genetic Geneology. This test which is performed on both men and women monitors genetic markers which are present in twenty-two pairs of chromosomes. It consists of all chromosomes rather than the sex chromosomes. The results thus obtained reveals information relating to your ethnicity and ancestral roots. It is very helpful in tracing connections of more than five generations and linking it with the future generations.

Which is the most reliable DNA testing company?

It solely depends upon the company an individual has chosen. Most of the people share their DNA samples with multiple companies at a time. Some of the top genetic testing and bio-technology companies include Family Tree DNA, 23andMe and Geno 2.0 which is an ancestry kit launched by the National Geographic Channel. There are few companies who permit you to include the DNA test results collected from other sources in their files.

What is meant by MRCA?

‘MRCA’ when expanded becomes ‘Most Recent Common Ancestor’. This test is performed by presenting your DNA sample and verifies whether it matches your ancestral root.

Author: Kevin Norton

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